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We empower parents to eliminate the worry, simplify everyday life, and
raise kids who thrive – socially, emotionally, academically, and in life.

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Sara Lee

When I first met Amy, I was instantly energized by her passion for embracing life and parenthood…

…At that point, I was exhausted and overwhelmed; the needs of my young sons and my career were all-encompassing and I had completely forgotten how much I liked my husband, or needed to take care of myself, in my quest to be it all for my boys and my work. Amy’s program empowered me to shift my approach and find my smile again. I continue to hear from other parents in our Parents Community that this program was life changing for them. Thank you for unlocking my family’s success and helping me focus on what we need to be happy, healthy, safe and cozy!”
– Erin Hauk, Facilities Services Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

The only personalized online tool
that solves your family’s greatest challenges.


Parents don’t have time to waste. Available immediately upon completing a simple 15-minute survey.


No two families are alike. Your responses insure you get solutions exactly where you need them most.


It’s 100% Guaranteed. Improving the lives of thousands of parents and families.

“One of the most innovative products to make the lives of parents easier!”
– Kimberly-Clark Corporation

“When I first saw Amy speak, I knew she had the secret…

…to what I was missing to succeed in my life. As Co-Chair for the Working Parents Connection at Novartis, I knew our working parents needed the same. We continue to hear amazing feedback from our parent community. My Balance MAP helped me make significant changes to how I was running my life and helped me target areas I needed to focus on to feel more successful– as a parent, wife, and employee. Amy is a role model for all of us that struggle with keeping it all together and doing it successfully”
– Jennifer Yessaian, Senior Project Manager, Novartis Oncology

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Our Founder, CEO, and Mother of seven, Amy Hilbrich Davis.

Amy captures and inspires her audiences by combining her
real world experience of raising her family with the science and
research of personal and family wellbeing. Meet Amy. You will never be the same.

Amy empowers leaders to think differently, act differently and make positive changes in their lives in corporations, schools, and communities. Amy customizes her message around: Work-Life Balance, Women’s Leadership, Retention and Engagement, Parent Networks, and Student Achievement.

Some Sample Topics include:
– The Critical Role Parents Play In Raising Future Leaders
– How Parental Satisfaction And Uncertainty Impact The Workplace And How To Fix It.
– Stronger At Home, Stronger At Work In The Community

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When parents feel more successful in family life the organizations
that support them reap the benefits right alongside their kids.

This interactive and engaging series builds on the personalized solutions from your Balance MAP by providing strategies and new best practices to your community’s greatest concerns. Together, you build stronger families and community engagement.

On-going training and development customized to proactively prepare you for the most stressful challenges and transitions that affect you and your family’s success.

Workshops are delivered live – in person and/or live online to accommodate the lives of busy parents—at home and at work.

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Amy draws from her personal and
professional experience to privately help you work through
the individual challenges and specific worries you face raising your kids.


Coaching occurs via a
live video call.


Connecting when it works for you
and your busy schedule.

To Learn more and enjoy a free brief chat with Amy to discuss, email

Raising your family is too important to just use trial-and-error.
Family Life Success equips you with the strategies and proven solutions
to raise a happier, healthier, and more successful family.

Redeem Your Access Code
Purchase the BMAP - $39.95