Greater Family Well-being = Greater Student Achievement

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Parents have high expectations for schools – whether they are private or public. They send their kids to school in hopes that, as a result, they lead happy, productive and successful lives. They see education as the engine to future prosperity and look to schools to set their kids up to be “college or career ready.”

Yet numerous studies show that Student Achievement is more than academic success.  It is a shared goal and the responsibility of three groups: families, schools and the community. And while schools are doing their best to increase engagement with families, there continues to be a disconnect with low parent participation.

Family Life Success provides an innovative solution that creates a stronger partnership between parents and schools to raise student achievement. Our workshop series empowers parents with strategies to develop:

Learning – creating an environment and routines that empower students to achieve their full potential.

Work Ethic – fostering responsibility, self-motivation and personal accountability.

Leadership – building integrity, moral fiber and the courage to do the right thing.

Tolerance – nurturing a spirit of compassion, kindness and respect.

Family Engagement – building a thriving partnership and network between schools and their families.

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Some of the latest research on how family impacts student achievement. Click on each report for more.

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