Leadership – Thriving Mother, Growing Leader.

Mom Leadership

Despite significant efforts, women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions.

The Opportunity

The demands of family life can derail up-and coming women leaders as they are charged with juggling increased responsibility both at work and at home.

64% of the US work force in the Key Leader age (35 – 44) have kids under 18 years old.
43% of Highly Qualified Women with children voluntarily opt out – with “Family Time” as the primary reason.

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The Solution

While traditional programs and mentorships aimed to better equip women in the workplace are extremely valuable,  they don’t address one of the greatest barriers for all working parents, especially working mothers: achieving the clarity, control and confidence necesssry to raising happier, healthier and more successful families.

The Results

Working mothers report increased success, happiness, and effectiveness at home, which increases leadership potential at work. As confidence increases, working mother guilt and uncertainty decrease, making the juggling act easier.  Participants report:

Leadership results

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