Wellness – Happy Parent, Happy Employee.

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Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of companies quite like the rising costs of health care, especially for family coverage. Ironically, the biggest problem also holds the best solution.

The Opportunity

Positively impacting the health and wellness of your associates with dependents will not only make your associates more productive and engaged at work, but will dramatically decrease the costs associated with their health care costs.

Family premiums and costs represent 60% of total employer health care cost
Working parents experience higher health risks (physical & stress) than their non-parent colleagues
Healthy working parents have the potential to provide 3x the cost savings vs. individual premiums

The Solution

Our program helps employers maximize ROI, while improving employee health and wellness. Our simple system empowers parents to be proactive about well-being — for every member of their family. That translates to happier, healthier and more successful families and companies.

The Results

Following Family Life Success guidance, parents are 8x more likely to make their Wellness a priority.

Pre Program

Pre wellness circle

Post Program

Wellness circle graph results

Family Life Success enhances your overall wellness strategy by improving employee health as it reducing health care costs. And intrinsic motivation vs. financial incentives is great for your bottom line.  That’s a win-win.

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