Our Company

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Our Company

Family Life Success is a New England based company dedicated to transforming the lives of parents and their families.  Our focus is providing leadership, professional development, and guidance to empower parents. We are Family experts and serve both the consumer and business markets.

Our Vision

Your family is your greatest treasure. You live each day to love, guide, and nurture this precious gift. It is our goal at Family Life Success to coach you along the way as you strive to live “the life you want your kids to live!”   Where you go, your children follow.

What starts in one family can change the world. It’s our privilege and honor to empower each parent to live this dream. Family Life Success:  Plan it. Build it. Live it.

Our Philosophy

We are driven by the following principles:

  • Parent-centric.  Parents have the primary responsibility for raising their children.  Studies show that the health and happiness of a parent has a dramatic impact on their family.
  • Individualized.  Each parent has their own values, needs, and circumstances.  There is no one-size-fits-all approach to family life.  We help each parent identify where they are, where they want to be, and provide customized plans to turn their dreams into reality.
  • Research-based.  Our program has been developed using a broad base of studies on personal and family wellness.  In addition, we continue to expand our knowledge base with both primary and secondary data sources.
  • Supportive.  All parents want to do the best for their families.  Unfortunately, they operate with little preparation or development to excel in this role.  Through education, motivation and support, we make a parent’s best even better.
  • Practical solutions.  We understand the issues parents face, and provide real solutions that are relevant, effective, and easy to implement.