Amy Hilbrich Davis: Mother. Family Expert. Speaker.

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As founder of Family Life Success, Amy has thrown her life into her work. Literally.

The strategies, practices, and tools she’s developed while raising her own seven kids are the DNA that make up the Family Life Success system.

A natural-born motivator, Amy engages and encourages parents by sharing her real-life experience — ups and downs, dirty feet and all– along with the research and data from her award-winning Balance MAP.

It’s a winning combination that inspires parents without judging and takes into account every individual family’s needs. You will come away with strategies to help you achieve greater health, happiness and success for you, your spouse, and every member of your family.

Meet Amy. You’ll never be the same; and neither will your family.


wlc_1 Amy’s Keynote on “Work/Life 3.0″ at the Working Mother Magazine’s 2011 Working Mother Work/Life Congress.